Thursday, 4 November 2010

Even turtles have mobile phones

My poor mum has been playing secretary all day. The phone has been ringing all day so my mum was going a bit mental in the end.
She wanted to run away to the moon, I suggested the garage but both places were deemed too cold. So in the end we came up with one of the galapagos islands since one of them must be deserted.
But in these days even the damn turtles would probably run around wearing headsets and make snarky comments about the phoneless human.
I ended up getting stuck with that image so I made this drawing.

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Dark Lochnagar said...

I remember in the late 70s and 80s when mobiles were becoming all the rage. The first one I had was set up in the car, (I had a really cool Supra in those days) and if you wanted to take it out of the car to use, you had to fold it all up and it was the size of a flight bag, I'm not kidding. The battery was about the size of two laptops. When the hand held jobbies came in, I got one and I was being driven home from the races and I was speaking on my new phone. Well, the old one in the car rang and I had to say to the person on the hand held, "you'll need to hold on, there's someone on the other line". They must have been thinking, "what a pretentious prick he is"! Seems strange now, but you had to be there. I wish I had kept my phones, they would have been worth a few bob now.