Saturday, 24 October 2009

Bad times for the Reds

Finally someone saw the light! Now had this been Columbia 1994, then Rafa Escobar might have been a bit more nervous. But then to be fair, I don't want him dead. Not at all, there are after all a fate worse than that. I just want him to go home or start managing Man Utd. Liverpool is number 8! And have both Manchester teams ahead. Even Helen Keller could see that Benitez should be quickly forgotten history. Yes, I know that Gerrard and Torres is both benched with injuries, but for God's sake he has at least some 20 men to chose from. How come his team fall completely apart when just two players get injured? What the hell will the man do when they retire? And don't even get me started on the mass conspiracy theory about the referees having some secret club with Ferguson. Come on! What is next? Arsène Wenger is gay with the referees and Ferguson? That is why Arsenal has a solid 4th place. Perhaps Tottenham is all aliens or they have gotten some really good drugs from Nessie. Who knows? Apparently everything is possible in the mind of Benitez.
May his arse itch and his arms be too short.

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Corrugated Soundbite said...

Hmmm. Well when it comes to the Wenger is gay moniker, the Spurs fans appear to have it covered with such chants as "Wenger loves Barrymore". Wenger is, as yet, to lose at home to Stoke City though.

I thought it was Andres Escobar? :-P