Monday, 12 October 2009

God can you hear me?

I really like how we are suposed to find God. Now what if he does not want to be found? What if God hasn't even found God? Then we might be royally screwed. Nietzsche may even be wrong. God is not dead. He's alive and well (or at least Jesus is alive according to some church and has been for years. Sorry children, Easter is cancelled). Anyway back to God. He is probably living the sweet life somewhere in the univers whilst trying to find himself.
So just look at it. If God doesn't even know who God is, then it's a bit of a Schrödinger's cat. Everyone could be God, even the penguins or the white mice who awaits the number of 42.
So the next time you go twirling in the alps of Switzerland singing "Papa can you hear me?" just imagine how it might be a penguin that replies :
"Yes, I hear you loud and clearly. Now Go away and leave me the hell alone!"

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John said...

How on earth are we meant to find God, especially if he's in hiding?

Maybe God's simply a figment of his own imagination, stuck in an ashram somewhere in India, meditating on the meaning of existence whilst out of his gourd with the contents of the worlds largest joint?